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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Me as an X-man

The question has recently arisen as to what powers I would want to have were I to be an X-man. Being a true nerd requires that I have this chosen out with great deatial; so here I go. I would have to start off with a visable mutation maybe only level 1sh which made my skin look super cool and allowed me to stand out from humans as a mutant.

My hair just looks that much cooler when its white. This ability would also lend itself to my 2nd level trait of turning invisible when there is no light since I would have the shifty appearance of shadows already. I would also enjoy the benefits of a level 1 healing mutant, just enough to heal faster and look younger for a good 150 years. Another nessecity for any cool mutant is of course flying which I would do by nodding slightly. With the basics covered its time for some real powers, I'm talking some high level 3 action so I would be fearless. My major abilities would span from the ability to steal light from around me to become a black void in combat, possesing the speed of light and therefore the ability to shift in time, and the ability to enhance other mutants powers so that they become up to twice as strong if I share a strong connection with them. That is pretty much it now although such abilities combined would lead to a level 5 mutant I expressed the individual parts so that you can see the full combination. Please feel free to leave comments about you're dreams of mutation. Just write them at like 1 in the morning so that you have as much fun as I did.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

About Time For a Blog

So basically I haven't added to this glorious blog all summer and I figure it's about time to give it a little justice. This summer has certainly been exciting getting closer to lots of new friends from young adults and losing mad ammounts of sleep. Vander and I established a new holiday for all to enjoy called Andrew's Day (formerly BC day but nobody knows what that day is actually for anyways). Since the point of every good holiday is to have a catch ie. presents, wear green or get pinched, easter eggs, etc. the point of Andrew's day will be to trick any Andrew or bake him a cake. Only Andrew's count though so no Andrea, Dre or Andy (A birth certificate authentication may be required in some cases). Below are several examples...


Andrew (on the left with his brother Peter)

Definately not an Andrew

So aside from developing a new holiday I also learned how to own at Halo 2, how to swing dance a bit, which is actually fairly enjoyable and how to teach Aqua fit to a group of aging women. More recently, being back at school, I learnt about the bacteria that make dirt smell like dirt and the smell of rain. Thats pretty much all I get for $1500 a semester, although it does add yet another random fact to my ever increasing base of useless knowledge. On my most recent list of let downs I was hit in the eye at a volleyball practice, leaving me with a blind spot in my periph, but I still did not get a black eye to look tough, which happens to be one of my goals in life. I do however get to have stiches soon which is also on my list of things to do as a klutz. Unfortunately it isn't really for anything cool like a gang war or knife battle I just so happen to have a broken salivary gland in my mouth that needs to be removed, such a shame. Well that's it for now. However if anything else pops into my head from summer or I have something of interest in my daily adventures I will not hesitate to Blog it.


Andrew Smeaton

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Do Not Lie (I guess?)

Um yeah, I made my first post about Smeaton's up by pulling stuff off the internet and saying it was my history as a joke. Turns out, because I showed my grandpa Smeaton, that all 3 mentioned Smeatons are actually my ancestors seriously. My great aunts daughter (woah) has put together our family tree and has come up with hard evidence, birth certificates and the like, all the way past John Smeaton. Although there hasn't been any hard evidence for the connection to Marc Smeaton it has, thus far, been inferred that that he is infact a part of my family tree. Who the eff would have thought that, and yes Percy did indeed come to Canada. Yeah, my family is pratically famous I guess or something.

Life Lesson # 1

It was not long ago that I had the most amazingly eye openning dream. In this dream I wake up and my legs have been bitten by all sorts of bugs. Upon surveying my atmosphere I soon realize that there is a fly sitting on my hand and immediatly we begin to converse. Now this fly talked like a normal human but still I argued that he had bitten me and I was positive that he was the culprate. The fly however begged and pleaded with me insisting that he hadn't bitten me but I stuck to my guns and soon realized that I was talking to a fly and so woke myself up. When I woke up I was astonished to find a spider on my bed and promptly remembered the dream. It was true the fly had not bitten me but instead the witty spider had. Being a clever spider he hid himself before it became light outside so that I would not suspect him. The moral of the story is to not judge your friends, like the fly, because they may indeed be telling the truth while someone else, like the spider, is out to get you. Please take this to heart as you go through your lives today.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Travel Log: Maurice
April 7, 2006
Having found his roots in the dense Amazon jungles of Brazil, Maurice pushed forward with new vigor for life. He had discovered that he was part of the noble line of the Dracaena, the most feared and pure line of leafy plants(dun dun dun). It was now his duty to bring peace to between the Dracaena people and their human captors; a struggle that will not undoubtably end until many millenia after he perishes. Skipping right to the present Maurice is in southern africa in attempt to put meaning to the flinging of monkey feces. Although rather ferocious and dangerous creatures maurice has managed to diguise himself as a prune tree and infiltrate the ranks of the monkey society. He came to discover that chimps in particular do tend to throw large ammounts of poo which seems to be a form of bonding, truly fascinating! Maurice would also like to remark that humans breate his feces, making us his eternal slaves. Maurice wishes to proceed north to Cairo, Egypt within the next month and promises to keep us updated on his journey.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Soo much, or not soo much"

I think that just as there is "to" and "too" there should be "so" and "soo." It would make the english language just that much more dynamic, with soo describing something in exess or very. Like you can be "so cool" or you can be "soo cool" for the statistically minded thats 50% more so and that definately transfers into your actual cool count. With the adition of this, the english language would also have a whole new and exciting rule in which -oo makes an รด sound instead of oeu. Now if that isn't wicked i don't know what is.


Travel Log: Maurice
March 7, 2006

No sooner had we met than Maurice was off on a voyage around the world, but that's just how he is. He hopped on a luxurious Continental jet and left for his home country of Brazil in search of poo-flinging monkeys. Are they real, and can any animal be stupid enough as to actually throw his feces at another member of his family? Brave men have been lost to this very cause over thousands of generations, but this is Maurice's mission. Should he not return he has asked that he be dried, ground and used in a delicious organic tea, just as anyone else would. Bye for this week.